Coventry Close-Up Map

NOTE: Also relevant to the nation is the Undead Uprising page.

A fairly idyllic landscape with lots of plantations, some mining communities, and a very clear separation between the wealthy and the servant class, Coventry is a reasonable parallel to the height of the American Dixieland South in the 1850s.

Capital City: Brakana. The official population of Brakana is 20,000, including gentry from surrounding manors and plantations. Though that doesn’t count the likely 80,000 or so “indentured servants” who serve those aristocrats. There is also a small neighborhood/ghetto of “free men” who have worked-off their contracts. Of course, many of these end up in debt, and find themselves forced back onto plantations or into mines eventually.

Politics: The big thing within Coventry is their farming & mining industry. The big thing to everyone outside of Coventry is the slavery. Inside the nation, they claim it’s all on the up-and-up, that all indentured servants have a fair chance to work off their debts, and that talk of slavery is barbarous. The gentry tend to be human and elven, with the occasional dragonborn or tiefling family. Interestingly, the racial tensions between dragonborn and tieflings are not present in Coventry. What is present, though, is a strict set of laws that helps to enforce the status quo of the system. Indentured servants are forbidden weaponry, and it is also illegal for them to practice arcane magic. There is a Parliament of Lords made up of the High Lord of each district, and lead by the Most High Lord, currently the eladrin Lord Darius Malfeather. There are elections for some minor laws and such, but only citizens (and not servants) can vote.

Religion: The churches of Ioun, Erathis, Corellon, and the moon/magical aspect of Sehanine are well-attended among the gentry. The indentured servants tend more towards churches of Avandra and the trickery/hiding aspect of Sehanine. The Raven Queen’s church is known to serve all classes of people equally, as Death is the ultimate equalizer.

Places of Note
The Empty Aviary. While the land Coventry is located on has a history with the undead, the Raven Queen now has a small, but very zealous following there. It is rumored that there are several Ravenite Avengers on permanent assignment there (or even installed as sleeper agents) to make sure the Cappodocian beliefs don’t regain hold in that region. However, there is one facility that contains a lot of Ravenites: a large structure for those whose bodies still function, but whose souls cannot yet be taken by the Queen’s ravens. In effect, this is a home for the comatose, where they are cared for physically until the Queen, in her wisdom, decides to take them. Many clerics from the Society of Life will often do a tenure here, though it’s often one of those impossible dreams… each new cleric hoping he can bring someone out of a coma after years of nothingness. True, there have been occasional successes, but most of the long-term staff there know that this is just a holding place until the Raven Queen decides to take them.

Brakana. Central Coventry. Located in the middle of the nation, this city is home to the Parliament of Lords, where the various districts’ High Lords meet to determine the course of the nation, lead by the Majority Leader (who is sometimes called the “Most High Lord”). Partially built over a lake, this city has a very Venice feel.

Cyroptrix Academy. Central Coventry. Regarded by many as the most refined school of military theory in the Alliance, Cyroptrix Academy has produced many of the generals who now command the armies of the other nations in the Alliance. It’s the D&D equivalent of West Point.

Jax Steel. The city of Jaxon sits in the middle of a ring of mountains, and is entirely owned by the human aristocratic Jax family. Their many mines, factories, and forges are responsible for many of the swords, axes, pole-arms, shields, and chainmail that goes towards the war efforts in the North and South. It is known to be good weaponry, and large shipments are ordered regularly from as far off as Neverwinter.

Coventry Canneries. A novel idea that has become a major industry, the coventry canneries actually seal foodstuffs grown on some of the nation’s plantations in metal cans. It’s worth seeing, as the owners have revolutionized food delivery for military needs, and seek to change the way food is stored and consumed in all aspects of society.

Tavern of the Sun and the Moon. N Coventry. A massive resort casino/pleasure destination/city on the Southern part of the connection between the Great Bend River and the Dream River in northern Coventry, this location offers all the pleasures one could imagine. They have a heavy population of indentured servants making operation possible, but they all seem happy enough… for servants. The owners are the heirs of two wealthy families… a deva female, Cressia Morningstar, and an Eladrin male, Freyr Eveningstar. It is said that they used a little poetic license in translating their names into common, for the betterment of their advertising campaign when they opened the Resort… but as the sole heirs of each of their families’ fortunes, who would stop them from saying their names are whatever the heck they want them to be? Though rumors of their romantic relations circulate widely, officially they are business partners who are equally devoted to Pelor and Sehanine… but even more devoted to the happiness of their customers. The owners have imported many exotic animals and plants for the area around the resort, and servant bands of “caretakers” are sometimes required to go remove the danger if an imported exotic species starts to eat the patrons. This site has an Atlantic City sort of feel, mixed with Disneyworld and the World’s Fair.

Elkridge Island. N Coventry. A large region of forested hills & valley north of the Great Bend River, this region is known for bits of wild magic. It is said that there are also remains of ancient empires there, but the higher concentration of monsters tends to keep explorers to a minimum. Technically this is Free land, where those who have paid off their debts can go to live, but it’s got a very frontier feel, and gentry wizards on the south side of the river often enchant the river to keep most things from crossing, so folks up there are technically on their own. There is a lord who oversees this region, Lord Cormerant Shadowleaf, but he is a famously absent Eladrin, spending most of his time at other estates in the Feywild.

Ruins of Rahesh. Recently uncovered by archeologists from the church of Ioun, Rahesh appears to have once been the capital (or at least a large city within) the fallen empire of Cappadocia. See the History skill page for ideas on why this might be significant.

Kravat. SC Coventry, in Calmleaf Groves. The modern-day city nearest to the recently uncovered ruins of Rahesh. Known for its aged whiskey and many peach orchards, as well as several large tobacco plantations.


Aelron Reach
Lord: Grantham Aelron, half elf collector of historical artifacts
Notable Cities & Features: The House of the Forgotten, Lord Aelron’s personal collection, is perhaps the largest museum of (mostly non-magic) artifacts of lost civilizations on the continent. It is a holy site dedicated to Ioun, so Lord Aelron is always willing to debate with those who say they have more claim to an artifact (which is why, for example, the dragonborn of New Bahama have claimed most of the magic items from Arkhosia), but many agree to allow their items to be displayed here anyway, after seeing the care with which Lord Aelron’s staff puts into respecting each civilizations’ memories.


The capital city, home to the Parliament of Lords. Lord Malfeather is currently the majority leader there. This large city is partially built over the Oasis Lake and has certain streets that are aquatic (a sort of Venice feel). Because of this, some of the Lords in the capital city keep aquatic creatures as pets/servants.

Calmleaf Groves
Wealthy & protected region of retired elder Lords. Many mineral baths, hot springs, and calming musical performances.
Lord: Mentha Suleimon, ancient elven wizard
Notable Cities & Features: Kravat, bath-house filled city closest to the recently uncovered ruins of Rahesh.

Cannery Coast
Lord: Hormel Gortonsalt, male halfling food preservation genius
Notable Cities & Features:Coventry Canneries, where food is stored in metal cans & shipped out for war effort

Lord: (Gen) Robertus Cyroptrix VII, human ex-military, latest in long line of Cyroptrix generals
Notable Cities & Features: Cyroptrix Academy, the D&D equivalent of Westpoint

Darklon (north 3)
One of the “north 3” regions, ruled over by a trio of wealthy warlords who supposedly allow their servants to challenge for freedom in combat, but who also condemn losers of duels to either slavery or death.
Lord: Indira Darklon, female shadar-kai warrior

Dixon Plains
Most of the “hunters” used to track down fleeing servants train here, where the impossibly wealthy Lord Dixon has a team of powerful wizards & druids who import large dangerous creatures for him to hunt on the wide-open plains of this district. He also has a great team of taxidermists who mount those heads on the walls of his mansions. Most of the district’s funding comes from Dixon’s own wealth and the fees the hunters receive for tracking down their prey.
Lord: Kane Dixon, infamous male human(?) huntmaster (“he has inhuman tracking skills”)

Dunwall Forests
Lord: Elrond Dunwall, Elven patriarch & master bowman
Notable Cities & Features:Freton, small village of freemen

Elkridge Island
Free land, where free citizens can go to live off the land. However, there is a high concentration of monsters, and recurring wild magic on the island, so it’s hardly ideal or hospitable territory. Wizards in abutting regions enchant the waters to keep monsters and others from crossing into their areas.
Lord: Cormerant Shadowleaf, famously absent Eladrin
Notable Cities & Features: Worg Clan Territory: At the northermost line of the region, at about the halfway point of the island, is a clear-cut band of plains that most dare not cross. On the other side is the nation of Norsca, though it is a region ruled by the ferocious Worg Clan, a tribe of barbarians of various races who ride the dire wolf/demon hybrids known as worgs. They are ferocious enough that few enter their territory, and something about the wild magic of the Elkridge region keeps the Worg Clan from pushing farther south.

Eridu *1 body (female shadar-kai arcanist)
Forests & valleys, the district makes money from logging & hunting (animals), as well as through the wise efforts of their beneficent leader, Lady Shadowmantle.
Lady: River Shadowmantle, female human, famously denounced her great, great, great aunt Valindra of Thay, because lusting for power is not something a “proper” lady does. Played by Dame Maggie Smith.

Hammermainia (fmr Goldeneye Pits)
Lord: Sharda Hammermain (nee Goldeneye), dwarven surviving widow of Fjorin Hammermain
Minor Citizens: Jethro Goldeneye, gambling dwarf brother of Sharda

Hadron (north 3)
One of the “north 3” regions, ruled over by a trio of wealthy warlords who supposedly allow their servants to challenge for freedom in combat, but who also condemn losers of duels to either slavery or death.
Lord: Aggrava Hadron, dragonborn warrior

Jax Protectorate *1 body (human son of district’s High Lord)

Home of Jax Steel, this district does lots of mining & metalwork, and supplies most of the weapons for the nation’s war efforts.
Lord: Jonas Jax, human owner of Jax Steel and old war hero.
Minor Citizens: Adriana Jax, Jonas’ human wife
Notable Cities & Features: Jax Steel, the largest industry in the district, and every mining operation, cart network, and other support industry that keeps Jax Steel making weapons.

Kumon (north 3)
One of the “north 3” regions, ruled over by a trio of wealthy warlords who supposedly allow their servants to challenge for freedom in combat, but who also condemn losers of duels to either slavery or death.
Lord: Morn Kumon, goliath warrior

Many widely varied magic schools here (all of which are small and not very good). Lord Thaumat’s obsession with arcane magic means that much of this region’s industry is based around magic schools (much like Hogsmead).
Lord: Ultra Thaumat, human arcanist, obsessed with all arcane energy, especially from the Elemental source

Lord: Darius Malfeather, Eladrin duke of the Feywild
Minor Citizens:Orchid Malfeather, Darius’ daughter
Notable Cities & Features: Myth Q’uenia, working ancient elven super-portal, located on Malfeather’s estate. Mtyh Q’uenia is said to connect to a lavish Eladrin estate in the Feywild.

Northern Delta *1 body, delivered (halfelf son of two servants)
Lord: Paulo Maximo, portly human, greedily ensures that Tavern Of Sun & Moon gets all that it needs, & is well compensated as a result.
Minor Citizens: Cressia Morningstar, deva female, co-owner of Tavern
Freyr Eveningstar, eladrin male, co-owner of Tavern
Notable Cities & Features: Tavern of the Sun & the Moon, massive site of pleasure & wonder

Occident Edgeland
Known as the one district ruled by a former servant, other lords publicly use this as a motivator for their own servants and as a justification for their entire servant/citizen structure. However, in practice, most other lords don’t think too highly of Lord Occident, who received the post when the previous Lord died and left it to his favored gnomish valet in his will.
Lord: Fingleworth Occident, gnome philanthropist (and former servant).
Notable Cities & Features: The Hidden Path, the D&D equivalent of the Underground Railroad, is said to operate out of this district. They have difficulty getting folks to the Borovia border, though, because of the proximity of the hunters from the Dixon Plains, who frequently swoop in to take fleeing servants back.

Sonlinnor Heights
Home to a very zealous (and wealthy) dwarven population.
Lord: Onyx Moradinson, dwarven priest

Southeastern Borders
Lord: (Gen) Antillar Coalskin, goliath military hero, focuses most of his efforts on southern border (with Eternal Wasteland).
Notable Cities & Features: Empty Aviary, a Ravenite home for the “perpetually unravenous”

Ulan Bator *3 bodies (brothers, shifters from Outpost 3)

Broad unforgiving land of steppes and tundra (think Mongolia), with the jagged Bladewall Mts forming the southern barrier against the Eternal Wasteland.
Lord: (General) Fang Two-Eyes, half-orc cavalry leader
Notable Cities & Features: 3 Outposts along the southern border, each military towns that defend the nation from attacks of wild beasts & cannibal halflings from the Eternal Wasteland.



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