A mostly human kingdom that has lasted for almost 300 years, the people of Cormyr are proud folks who’ve withstood almost constant attacks from the hordes of the north. The two main military forces in Cormyr are the Purple Dragon Knights (knights with an honor code like that of samurai and legends like those of the Musketeers of Dumas’ writings) and the War Wizards (arcane casters known for their destructive power and military minds).

Capital City: Suzail

Royalty: The Obarskyr family has ruled Cormyr for almost 300 years (as long as the nation has existed). King Foril Obarskyr (elderly fmr Paladin & P.Dragon) recently passed away (3 months ago). His son, Irvel (a bard of 23) has taken the throne, but not without opposition. Irvel also has a younger brother, Marcus (21), who is a member of the priesthood of Bahamut (soon to be made a Platinum Cardinal) and does not seek political power (purportedly), though it is said that the Great Wyrm of the Church would like to see him with the throne. Their younger sister, Portia (17), is rumored to be very… “active” with many of the young men in court, and is perhaps a political force unto herself, in her own ways. Irvel’s cousin Zagnar is currently head general of the Purple Dragon Knights, and a contender for the crown (with his military influence). Irvel’s half-sister, Inarra, is a high-ranking War Wizard, though her claims to the throne are less strong. Duke Hadren, a 2nd cousin to Foril, had been one of Foril’s advisors, and is also positioning himself in ways to make Irvel look weaker. Day-to-day activity in Suzail itself is managed by the Lord Magister. Currently that title is held by Edwin Morahan, a middle-aged fmr Purple Dragon paladin and old friend of Foril’s (though he is one of the few in “noble” circles to not claim any royal blood).

Politics: The Obarskyr family is very splintered, with many claiming some percentage of blood. The Royal Court is known as a hotbed of intrigue. Because of their strong military and long history of stability (despite being so close to the Orcish hordelands), Cormyr is seen as a leader in the Alliance of Eastern Nations. There are those who wish to see a marriage or other union with royalty in another nation (perhaps the Peacecrafts of Sankh Kingdom) to gain further resources and power for Cormyr. The current war effort is prolonged, and a drain on national resources. While “the line” has held well enough, the last year or two have seen no significant progress on that front, and there are those questioning the strength of the military (or the leadership) as a result.

Suzail functions as two cities. The Royal Palace, the Royal Court, and the noble estates surrounding them form a sphere of wealth and power that is not accessible to the common Suzailian. The rest of the city is given over to crafts and trade, which are beneath the notice of most nobles. However, these two cities rely upon each other heavily. The commoners provide goods and services needed by the nobles. In turn, the commoners derive their livings from the nobles and emulate the nobility in their entertainments. The rest of the nation sees a noble class generally separated from the workers, with the military existing in a separate category from either.

Religion: Though all good faiths are worshipped to some degree, the overwhelming majority of citizens worship Bahamut, who is also the patron god of the Purple Dragon Knights. There is a famous tale of Adonai Obarskyr, a paladin of Bahamut, whose earnest prayer for salvation of the nation against an overwhelming orcish attack (after the rest of his army had been defeated) resulted in an avatar of the Platinum Dragon himself appearing and wiping out the orcish armies while breathing life back into the fallen soldiers. Adonai went on to become the first King of Cormyr, and (with his resurrected soldiers) founded the PDK as a tribute (the purple comes from the fact that they have humility to understand that they are put servants of Bahamut, and not as strong as the platinum dragon himself. Also the fact that purple is the Obarskyr royal color plays into that, too). Descendants of those resurrected soldiers are said to have a disproportionately high incidence of platinum-blonde hair.

Military/Flag Colors: Purple & Silver. Flag is a serpentine winged purple dragon on a field of silver.

Places of Note:
The Line. The militarized area held against the Orcish hordes. More than ½ of the Line is along Cormyr’s northern border.

Aztralian. Industrial city on the coast. Takes in lots of trade goods, and also has a series of locks and canals to power waterworks and factories.

The Hub. A few miles south of The Line, the Hub is a the major stock supply for the battle up north. Any supplies or forces headed for the Line travel through here.

The Platinum Forest. South of The Line, these trees are supposedly descended from those that Bahamut’s avatar breathed upon the forest & battlefield. The trees’ leaves (and needles) have an iridescent shine all year. Some are worked into clothes in Suzail high fashion, though there are very few of these that are open to harvesting, given their religious significance. Attempts to grow these trees elsewhere have produced normal-looking trees.

The Temple of the Claw. Located just outside of Suzail, this is the largest temple to Bahamut on the East Coast. In a sacred inner sanctum is a pool, fed by some kind of natural spring, that has platinum-colored blood. It is known as the Blood of Io, and priests of the church of Bahamut (at least in the eastern half of the continent) drink from it at various important points in their careers (taking the vows, promotion to bishop, etc.). This church is where the seat of the Platinum Cardinal, the highest non-dragon cleric of Bahamut, is. The church itself has a sort of city built-up around it in a very Vatican-city sort of way. There is a college of paladins attached to the church, too, and this is where many of the Purple Dragon Knights come from.

The Many Flagons. A large bar south of the Hub where many soldiers from many nations stop. Known to have a great stage for bards (and a very vocal audience that is quick to voice its displeasure), this is a great venue for anyone looking to make their performance mark (and also a great place to start a song and get it carried to many nations, given the number of bards who hang around here to “appropriate” tales). Owned by a family of three Cormyrean Goliath brothers, the Stonefist brothers (Gabbro, Lherzo, and Essex), each of whom has some kind of war injury. Their father, Komatite, was a Purple Dragon Knight who died in battle, though each of the brothers was straight Cormyrean infantry.



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