[Though you have the original, there is no visible hidden text in this contract, nor can any be divined through your magical or other capabilities. This might actually be a legitimate contract… or maybe each was too afraid of the other (or of the Spider Queen) to try and fake any part of this contract.]

Winter Solstice, 955th year after the so-called Great Cataclysm

Ehkahk, Lord of Fume, Steward of Vezzuvu (hereafter referred to as Ehkahk), makes this contract freely and openly with Yaxavanda, Demoness of the Spider Queen, Servant of Web and Wit (hereafter referred to as Yaxavanda).

Whereas the Kuo Toa settlement known as Shallowdeep has acquired a great many artifacts of Dagon, Lord of the Deep, and
Whereas Yaxavanda finds the location of Shallowdeep to be desireable for the purposes of her Goddess and Master, and
Whereas Ehkahk has command of a large force of elementals of smoke and fire, and
Whereas Yaxavanda commands a warren of goblins loyal to her Queen, as well as additional spider forces given her by her Queen,

Yaxavanda and Ehkahk commit their full forces to attacking and taking Shallowdeep together, in a mutually aggressive yet coordinated manner. Yaxavanda agrees that all Dagonic artifacts retrieved will become the property of Ehkahk, and Ehkahk cedes that control of the city will fall to Yaxavanda after the slaying of all kuo-toan residents, that she may use it as a base for her goblin and spider forces.

Yaxavanda agrees to be the public face of this attack, claiming full credit for the victory and never mentioning the involvement of Ehkahk. Ehkahk agrees to allow Yaxavanda to make this claim, with no statements to the contrary on his part. If asked directly by the Spider Queen, Ehkahk will assert that any supporting forces of his were negotiated for by Yaxavanda. If Dagon seeks restitution for the attack, such action will fall upon Yaxavanda and her followers only. Ehkahk is free to make his own claims about how he came into possession of the Dagonic artifacts after the battle.

Regarding specific military plans, Ehkahk agrees to fill the water surrounding Shallowdeep with smoke, that no Kuo Toa may breath it, and to release fire archons and elementals to rage across and guard the shoreline, preventing any reinforcements from reaching Shallowdeep. Ehkahk agrees to place these forces under Yaxavanda’s command for the duration of the attack, and will summon them back upon victory or annihilation. Yaxavanda agrees to send her expendable goblins into every sacred site in Shallowdeep, heedless of traps, to acquire the Dagonic artifacts for Ehkahk. Additional military logistic concerns may be determined by Yaxavanda, as needed, throughout the fight, using whatever forces she has command of at that time.

Souls of any slain, including adventurers from the newly-formed nation of Ionia who happen down into the battle during the conflict, shall be offered to the Spider Queen first, and will only be passed on to Ehkahk should the Queen of the Demonweb Pits deem them undesirable.

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