Chronicle of the Dawn War (vol1)

This ancient tome is written in an ancient Supernal script that can be understood by any creature who can read any language. It is the first of a 6-volume set that details the events of the Dawn War (the other 5 tomes are the +2, +3, +4, +5, & +6 versions).

The author identifies himself as a Fallen Angel named Anohk, who was one of Oghma’s archangels. He says that he was without power for the entirety of the Dawn War, and could do little more than record events to preserve Knowledge.

First Strikes
It appears that the Primordials’ were very coordinated in their attacks. First they attacked the keepers of knowledge, to keep the other gods less aware of the later attacks.

Oghma, goddess of truth and wisdom, was the first to fall. The scholar Ioun reached the Great Library soon after Oghma’s death. Though there was no body, there was evidence of the attack, and Ioun could feel in her soul that the goddess of truth no longer existed. The Scholar took it upon herself to defend the Library against all others in Oghma’s absence.

I have received reports from some of the mountain gods that Dumathoin, a dwarven god of secrets, was next to be attacked, though he fared better, defeating the primordial that came after him. As an angel of Truth, it is surprising that I did not know of Dumathoin’s existence prior to the Dawn War, but not impossible, given Dumathoin’s secretive nature.

Agni, the flame-borne messenger god, was next to be attacked. Primordials of water and earth tried to snuff out every one of his flames, and it was only the extraordinary measures of his archangels and clerics that allowed a single flame of Agni’s to remain undoused. They closed themselves away, allowing their faith to keep their god alive, albeit in a weakened form, in a secret cave that Dumathoin made for them in the Elemental Chaos, where the Primordials did not think to look for it. These three strikes clearly demonstrate that the Primordials had a grand plan for the best way to weaken the gods.

The Fall of the Forests
In the many battles Melora fought against the various primordials of water, waves, air, and earth, none was as horrible as the attack from Tziphal, the primordial known as “the Mountain Builder”. Tziphal used its energy to attack the World Trees, which were not exactly “gods” themselves, but which were the powers holding all forest magic together. Tziphal’s energy started turning the World Trees to stone, which ripped the forest magic from the forests themselves. Corellon and Sehanine had to fight to allow the last of the world trees to survive in a separate realm, sealing away the Feywild as its own realm as Melora captured whatever small amounts of forest magic she could in the surface forests of the Prime Material plane. Lolth, it is said, captured some forest energy for the vast forests of the Underdark, but no one will verify this account since the great splitting of the Elves.

This strike, however, is further evidence of the primordials’ intense planning… this off-center attack by one primordial against a secondary target like the World Trees took the attention of four greater gods, keeping them occupied while other, lesser gods, were left undefended. In Melora’s absence, many of the gods of specific species of animals were slaughtered. While there are still great spirit totems of wolf, elk, lion, crocodile, boar, and others roaming the feywild, they are mere reflections of the power of those species’ gods killed in the Dawn War.

Melora, distraught over the loss of her animal friends, and weakend by the amount of energy she had to invest in saving any part of the forests of the Prime Material plane, was then attacked by a primordial known as The Forest Walker, who hoped to destroy Melora in her weakened state. Their battle raged for four seasons. Melora won in the end, but was grievously wounded. She needed energy, and she got it by consuming the corpse of The Forest Walker. The primordial’s body empowered Melora, allowing her to infuse the forests of the Prime Material plane with some of this new energy, allowing portals between forests and the Feywild to grow, creating fey crossings to allowed Corellon and Sehanine to return to the fight. Sehanine, though, chose to remain mostly in the fey realm, protecting the creatures who fled there for safety.

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Chronicle of the Dawn War (vol1)

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