Character Themes

Here are the pared-down versions of the Character Themes presented in 3 Dragon articles online (with the Neverwinter ones – or their equivalents – to be added soon). Each theme is a general background bit about your character, but it doesn’t have to be linked to your class or race. So maybe you have a half-orc fighter who is also a scholar… that’s cool. In fact, that’s probably better in my book than an eladrin wizard scholar. I like giving characters a chance to diversify a bit.

As stated elsewhere, characters are allowed to either take 1 theme at character creation, or you can get 2 rolls on the Random Feat chart for extra feats. That should even out the overall power balance of these themes.

There may also be utility power options associated with these themes, so you can choose one of the theme’s utility powers instead of your class utility power at a given level, but I don’t feel like copying all those down, so you can look those up on your own, if you so choose.

ALCHEMIST – potions & poisons & mixtures, oh my
lvl 1: gain Alchemist feat
lvl 5: additional alchemical formula
lvl 10: +2 attack w/ alchemical items you’ve made

ANIMAL MASTER – just like Dr. Doolittle
lvl 1: gain animal minion (cat, dog, hawk, monkey, raven)
lvl 5: replacement animal minion comes faster if first one dies
lvl 10: +2 bluff, diplomacy, insight, & intimidate vs. natural beasts

CHEVALIER – ride on, good sir knight
lvl 1: +5 Athletics/Acrobatics while mounted, Valiant Charge enc attack power
lvl 5: +2 Diplomacy & Intimidate checks
lvl 10: +1 bonus to saving throws

GUARDIAN – and I…he…I…he…I… will always love you…hoo…oo…oo
lvl 1: Guardian’s Counter enc attack power
lvl 5: +2 Insight & Perception
lvl 10: choose Bonded Charge, get bonuses vs. enemies who attack your Bonded Charge

HOSPITALER – heal & protect the wounded
lvl 1: Shield of Devotion enc utility power
lvl 5: guaranteed hospitality from any affiliated temple
lvl 10: Shield of Devotion usable twice per encounter

NOBLE – lifestyles of the rich and the famous…
lvl 1: Noble Presence enc utility power
lvl 5: gain 1 common magic item (lvl 6 or lower)
lvl 10: +2 Diplomacy & Insight

ORDAINED PRIEST – you get to wear the collar
lvl 1: Smiting Symbol or Shining Symbol enc attack power
lvl 5: +2 bonus to Religion & Insight checks
lvl 10: adj allies get +1 to saving throws

ORDER ADEPT – part of a secret magic cult
lvl 1: Argent Rain enc attack power
lvl 5: +2 Arcana checks, bonus wizard utility options
lvl 10: +2 Will, Arcana bonus increases to +4

SCHOLAR – nothing like some book-learning
lvl 1: +1 language, Use Vulnerability enc utility power
lvl 5: +1 language, training in one new Knowledge skill
lvl 10: know all PHB/Compendium languages

SEER – you had it coming…
lvl 1: Cast Fortune enc util power
lvl 5: +2 Bluff & Insight
lvl 10: roll twice on Perception checks

WIZARD’S APPRENTICE – just don’t enchant the mops & buckets
lvl 1: Colored Orb enc attack power
lvl 5: gain one common magic item (lvl 6 or lower)
lvl 10: Minor Polymorph daily util power

Character Themes

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