Central Wilds

This area consists of the region west of the Alliance of Eastern Nations, but east of Ionia and the Nentir Vale. It consists mostly of rural areas and wildernesses, complete with monsters and whatnot.

Deep Blue River … At least 200 yds wide in most areas, this river is a major source of water, fish, travel, and livelihood for any communities near it. Flowing out of Melora’s Womb, it is unusually teeming with life, and also is the known home of a civilization of River Sahaugin (who are usually peaceful). It is also rumored that various Naga might enjoy swimming these waters, but they stay mostly out of site.

Yew Woods … A large, dense forest known to house many portals to the Feywild. Watched over by the forces at Ranger Station Alpha, who make sure that any large fey creatures coming through are dealt with before they reach civilized lands.

Hollow Swamp … This desolate land is renown for it’s odd aural traits, making sounds miles away echo in hollow reverberations throughout the swamp. This makes it difficult both to sneak around there and to accurately hear anything coming at you, and therefore makes the swamp very difficult to traverse. An ancient tribe of civilized lizardmen is said to live here, though it is also said that “something dark” dwells here as well, raising the bones of any fallen travelers to attack anyone else foolish enough to enter these marshlands.

Druid Woods … So named for the rumored meeting place of all the worlds’ druids that happens (allegedly) somewhere within these woods, the Druid Woods are notoriously difficult to travel through, and even harder to tame/build near. It is said that a nation of Ents lives here, as well as many other ancient forest creatures, some of whom are old enough to remember when there was no barrier between the Feywild and the regular world.

Lake Fairy Lust … The life-giving magic of Melora’s Womb travels down the Deep Blue River to this lake, where various fey creatures are said to transform it into “spring thoughts” for any who would visit it. The few communities around the lake are often filled with children, and sailors whose ships wish to cross the lake often find themselves seeing merfolk and other creatures tempting them overboard as their ship travels on.

The White City … Located on the northern shore of Lake Fairy Lust, on the eastern edge of the Two-Soul River, this town of beaches, bodegas, and bars is known for its beauty, and its youthful-looking residents, and its overall clean appearance. A popular vacation resort for many wealthy folks from other nations, the area is also known for hot springs, large spas, and rejuvenating mud masks. The city is kept safe by some great power that supposedly sleeps beneath the city. All the local nature spirits pay it homage, and the local humanoids just refer to “The Great Protector Below”… but will say nothing more. Regardless, troublemakers tend to find their way out of this city due to whatever this Great Protector is, and larger threats like dragons don’t seem to want to bother with the city, either.

Misc Cities … The communities surrounding the Lake Fairy Lust area are relatively peaceful places with no huge central rulership. Generally a wealthy lord will set up a keep, and a town will spring up nearby. There are any number of long-lost temples and dungeons in this region, and even a few ghost towns that disappeared for no known reason, forgotten in the annals of history.

Embria … The D&D equivalent of Tattooine (without the pod-racing) mixed with Australia, this “nation” is composed of the criminals and cast-offs of many other civilized lands. Many sub-human races like half-orcs and half-elves find their lot here, as do murderers, tax-evaders, poor, and other ne’er-do-wells from the Alliance and elsewhere. The people need to be strong here, though, as this region combines some of the worst aspects of the Eternal Wasteland with the cutting grounds of the Razorglass Wastes and ash and lava from Mount Demonspit, an active volcano. Said to be ruled by a council of some sort, little else is known about this land, as nobody who goes there ever really returns.


Central Wilds

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