Census of Founding Members (of Helmsgard)

This heavy set of 4 stone slabs contains a list of names, titles, and duties of individuals involved in the founding of Helmsgard.

In the year of Moradin’s Hammer 837 [which translates to about 110 AC]
Elder Runecarver Strick Helmsgard records these names and duties for the blessings of Ioun, the history of the Dwarven people, and the betterment of the world at large. Let it be known that we who begin this intend on changing the world with our vision and actions.

Starken Helmsgard, Clan Leader. Dwarf. Slayer of 3 dragons, Piercer of a beholder’s eye, Lord Defender of Dumathoin’s Treasures. Overseer of defense for the city of Helmsgard.

Hael Cordova, Turothi Ambassador. Tiefling. Second Wand to the Ruby Wizard of Maelbrathyr, Slayer of Dagon’s Emissary, Redeemer of Fallen Angels, Honorary Helmsgard Clanmate. Organizer of elemental construction forces.

Arch Arello, Perpetual Holiness. Deva. Speaker to the Gods, Claw of Bahamut, Holder of Kord’s Blade, Scribe of Ioun, Corellon’s Arrow, Forge Student of Moradin. Responsible for construction and blessing of all holy shrines in the city.

Artania Silverlight, Fey Ambassador. Eladrin. Dean of the Arch Magirium of Myth Drannor, Protector of the Nightmare Realms, Ally of the Council of Wyrms, Heir to Lost Fortunes. Financier and Magical Flow expert for Helmsgard.

Axon Packson, Monster Hunter. Human. Orc Foe, Giantslayer, Slime Purger, Hunter of the Tarrasque, Slayer of 2 dragons, Honorary Helmsgard Clanmate. Supply master for all city populations, including consumable supplies and weapons.

Silent Facet, Iounic Liasson. Crystal Golem? Speaker of mental words. Translator and communications manager for the city. [An Arcana check will tell you that this person was probably a Shardmind.]

Kollum Malarken, Dwarven Diplomat. Dwarf. Honored Son of Clan Malarken of the East, Finder of Tellurian Diamond Vein, Signatory and Author of 2nd Dwarf-Drow Peace Accords, Honored Friend of Elvish Nations, Rescuer of Child Empress of Arkhosia, Eternal Brother to All Dragonborn. Inter-species relations manager. Manager of Setup for Species-Specific Regions of Helmsgard.

Spriggot Helmsgard, Dungeon Delver. Half-Gnome. Half Son of Clan Helmsgard, Master-Tinkerer, Artifact Liberator, Honorary Professor of Evocationary Devices at University of Gond. Trapmaster and mechanical amenities master for Helmsgard.

Osterneth, Netherese Ambassador. Human. Lady of the Shadows, Holder of Shar’s Confidence, Supreme Wizard of the South (MH 125-135), Bane of the Shadowfell. Commander of Defense Against the Dark Arts for Helmsgard. Espionage Head for City Politics.

Mosby Helmsgard, Builder of Sustainability. Dwarf. Architect of 12 Dwarven Clan Halls, Mine Safety Inspector for Central Dominances, Blessed of Erathis, Wondermaster of Gond. Chief Architect and Overall Planning Coordinator for Helmsgard.

Ka’a’rania, Labor Leader. Dragonborn. Arkhosian Infantry General (retired), Last Woman Standing in Kord’s Battle of Dominance (MH 136). Head of Manual Labor for Helmsgard construction.

Strick Helmsgard, scribe. Dwarf. Elder Runecarver of Ioun, Sage of Ages for Underground Activities, Speaker of Dumathoin’s Truths. Scribe for all occurrences in Helmsgard. Head Librarian for Iounic Library of Helmsgard. Procurer of texts for species-specific libraries in city.

May the things we do here last for all time, and may the peace we have found with each other spread across the entirety of the world. Amen.

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Census of Founding Members (of Helmsgard)

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