Barbarian Steppes

Vicious and bitingly cold, the Barbarian Steppes are the epitome of inhospitable… at least on the surface.

Southwest of the Steppes is the NEVERWINTER region. Directly south is Severny Lake, and southeast is the nation of THAY. It is bisected by the Frozen Serpent River, which is also basically the line at the edge of the FAR NORTH GLACIERS, which are to the north of the Steppes. The Steppes are nestled between the Dragonspire Mts to the west and Father Thunder’s Mts to the right.

Populations & Critters
There are many barbarian tribes in the Steppes (hence their name), but not just with medium-sized, humanoid races. In additions to humans, goliaths, orcs, half-orcs, and a goat-variant of minotaurs, there are also extensive ogre, frost giant, cyclops, and troll tribes. In addition, there are many white dragons, remorrhazes, ice archons, and other creatures adapted to extreme cold environs.


Barbarian Steppes

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