Arch Magirium

Back in the days of Myth Drannor, when Eladrin & Elves were the masters of magic and ruled the Feywild… back when any elfish caster could open a portal to the Fey realms in any forest and find allied fey creatures there, back before the Great Cataclysm… well, things were rather different back then.

At this height of Elvish magic, the greatest of the great schools of magic was the Arch Magirium in Myth Drannor. It is said that one of their deans had most of the Rod of Seven Parts in his office. Another rumor claims there was a loom there that could actually weave or unmake threads of the Great Magical Weave itself. At some point, every great mage of the day received training at the Arch Magirium (or tried to). The draconic Council of Wyrms even sent their arcanists there to study under the masters on staff at this school.

All that changed when Myth Drannor fell.

While the details of the fall of Myth Drannor are the stuff of legend and historical speculation, those who are “in the know” about these things know that the Arch Magirium itself was not lost in that tragedy… well, not completely lost, anyway.

As the city around them was falling, the greatest Eladrin professors focused the power of their own blood around the structure of the school’s main tower. In a burst of magic that consumed the flesh of many of the faculty, the school itself teleported away.

What happened to the rest of Myth Drannor was unknown to the survivors (mostly students and lower-level faculty), but the bulk of the Arch Magirium ended up in a deserted land. They would later learn that they were in the Outlands, one of the worst places to be (though, arguably, less bad than the chaotic state of Myth Drannor that they’d come from).

Fortunately for the drained and disoriented survivors, they ran into a wandering tribe of Githyanki at that moment, and a deal was struck for mutual support and survival in the school’s new home in this backwater non-dimension.

These days the site of the Arch Magirium is an out-of-the-way spot of reasonable tranquility and academic study. Students, faculty, and the population of the small town around the academy are almost entirely composed of Eladrin and Githyanki. The school functions according to the guidelines of its Myth Drannor days, though it’s not nearly as powerful as it once was. There are still magically-sealed personal quarters of some of the top faculty who died to help the school escape, but even the current dean & top professors know better than to try and



Arch Magirium

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